Personalized wedding decor


I remember sitting in the lounge with my maid of honor, Clara and a glass of Zandvliet ‘My Best Friend’ wine, such a delicious wine and perfect for a girls evening might I add, we were trying to decide what to start with, how we were going to complete everything in time and what we needed to be able to do most of the decor and stationery ourselves. I had an idea of what I wanted which made things a little easier, but as you know with time ideas change and things become a lot more complicated. Below are a few easy steps to follow to ensure that you don’t miss a thing and that you’ve thought of everything for your perfect day!

Think of a theme

Think of something that inspires you, adds value to your relationship or memories that you share with your partner that will add a sentimental touch to the theme you choose. Andrew, my husband and I are in love with the Tashas Cafe concept, the decor has endless amounts of detail from the countertops to the ceiling decor, everything is perfectly curated to create a little boutique nestle with delicious food, proud staff and a space where everyone has this lively energy that automatically rubs off on you! The colours used are dusty mints, beige, white and greenery with copper elements highlighting spaces around the cafe that catches your eye every now and then or draws your attention to some or other detail you may have missed after the umpteenth time of visiting this beautiful space. We usually visit Tasha’s Cafe at the Nicolway center over a weekend for a coffee date to catch up on life or a dinner date to rekindle after a long tiring week. This place was our hideaway amongst all the busyness which made it perfect to use as our theme for our big day.

Create a mood board

Pinterest is obviously the easiest tool to use to create a digital mood board that you and your partner can access and share ideas on. I began using our selected theme to find ideas and images that could be used as inspiration for stationary, decor, flower arrangements, cake ideasbridal party attire and even my wedding dress (which I obviously at the time kept as a hidden folder). Try not to get too caught up in adding too many ideas to this mood board as it will confuse you when getting down to the details on which one you’re planning to use.

Tashas Cafe inspired wedding mood board


Start planning your to-do list

Jot down everything you’ll need to do to make your day magical in accordance to the theme and ideas you’ve collated on Pinterest and allocate who’s responsible for each idea with an ideal completion time, this will assist in reducing stress and give you ease of mind on what you need to keep track of. Make sure that whatever tasks you allocate will be something that whoever is responsible for the task will enjoy assisting you with it.

Start collating your ideas 

Start putting your ideas together to ensure that everything starts creating a seamless story, this is the exciting part as you get to start seeing your ideas come together. Follow up on allocated tasks and ensure that everyone is aware of timings, I remember having to spray paint numbers and pegs a day before the wedding as I never allocated anyone to do this and time completely ran away from me.

 Watch it all come together

Andrew was the mastermind behind our venue selection, he chose The Grand Dedale, a perfect little quaint boutique hotel situated on a wine farm in Wellington just outside our hometown, Cape Town. This hotel had a little chapel situated at the entrance of the accommodation, the rooms were individually designed, each one with a unique character. I only managed to see the venue almost a month before the time but immediately fell in love with the venue when I saw the pictures. Seeing the venue was overwhelming, but I knew there wasn’t much to worry about as it didn’t need much to make it look anything but like a fairytale.

We got married in a little chapel which was big enough for our close friends and family, the chapel hardly needed any decor, we went with two massive bouquets of flowers and ghost chairs because of the small space.

We added a small personal detail to the ceremony by creating little programs for our guests to take with them that had our little story, imagery, the order of service and our bridal party details.

For the reception, we decided on having a long seated table overlooking the vineyard and dance floor, for this setting we created the menus, seating arrangement guide, and table numbers, the utensils, and glassware was supplied by the venue and the candles and vases were purchased from @home.


I initially only wanted white roses and greenery with the copper details for my flower assortment and decor but when I went to the flower market to select the flowers I totally fell in love with the jewel-toned flowers and decided to use it in the flower runner which came out even prettier than I anticipated.

Remember when planning your dream, the smallest detail makes it the most personal elements of your wedding decor, creating these little details makes planning your wedding part of the kairos moments you cherish to tell your little one one day.





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