This trend, as you may know, has been creeping up for a while now, and it’s even bigger this year. Inspired by pineapples, watermelons, flamingos and palm trees, translated into fun colourful childlike figures. This trend has made it to one of the top trends for 2017 in fashion, decor and of course, floaties, you know, those pool floats that everyone has in almost all of their summer holiday pictures. I myself hadn’t caught onto this craze until I started researching this trend and completely fell head over heels, I’m even getting flamingos thinking about it.

Tropical Pretty Birthday

This trend is definitely not the safest trend to pull off but it sure is the most fun to play around with. The trickiest part to creating this look is making sure you have the correct colours coordinated as there are two types of looks for this theme. For the prettier look, go for the dusty pink and darker green color palette. These colors mixed with gold details will be sure to set you in the right direction. Add fun objects like the gold boutique pineapple paper plates or monotone tropical decor pieces with dusty pink drinks and decor to complete the look. How beautiful are these contrasting colors?

Tropical Modern Birthday

For a modern, candy-coloured tropical feel, choose bold colors, oversized decor and lots of textures and mixed prints. The core colours to make sure you pull this off seamlessly would be, turquoise, mint green, coral and a Barbie pink with gold. Don’t be too reserved with the décor because the more detail you have, the more tropical your space will feel. Serve sorbets, tropical fruit, deep-fried anything, sticky chicken wings and skinny chips with delicious cocktails to create your perfect paradise.

Tropical Pretty Wedding

For anyone who has dreamt of having a beach wedding, this trend is an updated version of your dream Hawaiian wedding. For the prettier feel even though you’re bound to use tropical colors, you are able to mute them to create a more sophisticated feel. This is for anyone who loves to be adventurous and is not afraid to work the latest trend. An alternative look if you really don’t want to tone down this trend is using bamboo green, gold, and dusty aqua or mint. This could look really sophisticated when using the correct elements and balance of colour and texture.

Tropical Modern Wedding

This look will definitely get jaws dropping and oh so beautiful pictures, believe me, this is not for the faint-hearted, especially if you have a mom that hasn’t seen past the pastel-coloured personality she once knew. Mix bold tropical colours, prints, textures and brightly coloured flowers with pine leaves; please don’t forget the pine leaves, to recreate this look. This theme is all about having fun and bringing out your bold, quirky side. A key trend I found was a pre-packed picnic lunch, gold quirky decor and coloured textured glass and ceramics. To balance this theme, make sure you underpin the decor with white pieces and greenery.

Tropical Pretty Baby Shower

To translate this into the prettiest and on-trend baby shower, use Barbie pinks with pastel pinks, greenery with rose gold and peach accents. The perfect character to use is probably a cartoon flamingo. Of course, this is probably the best if you’re expecting a girl but I’m sure you can remove the pink and use accents of mint and turquoise with gold if you’re expecting a boy or as a way to keep it more neutral if you don’t know the gender of your little bundle yet.

Think sorbet-coloured, cute cartoon figured characters and patterns when you are planning your baby shower. Using this trend is perfect to go all out with this theme because of the cartoon-like figures you can use freely. Make cute cupcakes with pineapples, watermelons, and flamingos. Mix colourful prints on plain sorbet-coloured backgrounds.

Tropical Modern Baby Shower


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