I love nature and its ability to create a theatrical space with minimal effort. The beauty of the colours, textures and shapes alone creates so much detail that there’s not much you need to add to transform a space. It is the more pricey option but it’s definitely worth every cent. This is definitely my favorite go-to themed option for any occasion.

Botanical Pretty Birthday

If you’re a floral fanatic, this is definitely for you. Play with different hues within your favourite colours to create textures and interest. You can also coordinate your treats or drinks to create a more theatrical look if you’re planning to go all-out and impress. If you have minimal space or budget to work with, go for printed floral decals or framed pieces to recreate this theme in a more simplistic way. Thrift glassware or any textured coloured or clear glass will live perfectly with the floral to add to the pretty details.

Botanical Modern Birthday

This is for someone like me, who’s not so much into the floral prettiness even though I love all the colours and find it absolutely dreamy. I love the simplicity of greenery and boldly coloured fresh fruits combined with brown medicine bottles. The medicine bottles can either be used for infused water, cocktails, or even vases to display the greenery, which I’m guessing you’ve started seeing a lot more of. This theme is perfect to do a tapa themed party or even deep fried yumminess served in bamboo boats. If you would like to add colour to this theme go for jewel-toned floral mixed with dark greenery. You can also add monochrome printed tablecloths or serveware to enhance this look.

Botanical Pretty Wedding

Flowers are commonly used in weddings as centerpieces and in bouquets, you know the usual, but the botanical trend has taken it to another level. I love how there are endless variations and techniques to use with flowers to create magical spaces. Floral runners, walls, lettering, curtains, crowns – the list is endless. For the more pretty and elegant feel, mix floral with copper accessories. If you want a softer feel I would use pastel flowers and jewel-toned flowers if you want a bolder or brighter feel. Try and use wire-framed geometric decor or glass pieces to accentuate details or areas in your space. If you’re the kind of lady that loves flowers, but your partner thinks they’re a waste, take advantage of this opportunity and go all out, you’ll thank me later

Botanical Modern Wedding

For the bolder botanical option, use larger foliage for your flower arrangements with clear crystal or plain glass vases. This look is for someone who enjoys a minimalistic space but needs that pop of something to enhance it. The complex and diverse shapes and hues of the leaves are the perfect items to do this. Look for Monstera Deliciousa (Delicious Monster), Areca (Palm Leaf), Xanadu, Hoya kerrii (it’s shaped like a heart), Aralia or Philodendron Rubrum leaves combined with metallic pieces and peachy hues to create this look.

Botanical Pretty Baby Shower

If you’re having a girl or just love pretty pastels but you’re not sure how to use the colours, this trend is sure to help you. To create a subtle botanical look, mix soft floral and sheer fabrics with lighter greenery. Dusty pinks and peaches combined with whites and glass decor will help you pull this theme together. Dripping icing on naked cakes with floral details are the hottest trend at the moment and could definitely be used as a centrepiece to complete this look.

Botanical Modern Baby Shower

This is for the mom that enjoys everything all natural with a little Boho-chic inspired detail. Teepee tents, flower crowns, wooden crockery and anything organic that will make you feel like Pocahontas, go for it. The key characters and details that inspire this look come from the forest like foxes, bears, owls and tribes. Add triangle detail in muted dusty colours, greenery, and cute baby forest animals to create this story for your nature-inspired baby shower. To add a little more detail for decor include framed pages from an old story book and draw your favourite characters in black marker.  You can also use the pages to create beautiful bunting. How cute would this be, or is my favourite childhood storybook, Pocahontas?


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