If you love traveling, culture and lifestyle gems, you’ll love theStorer!


The first spark of excitement struck when I received a little-painted origami bird inviting me to the launch of theStorer’s showroom. My mind wondered trying to envision what it could have been all about but I just couldn’t put it together, in fact, if I look back to the day of the launch I would never have been able to conceptualize the experience theStorer had to offer.

This experience literally blew my mind, I still haven’t gotten over the beauty and authenticity of each item I interacted with. I love that behind each piece there’s a story. All the detail, textures and colours had me wondering around the showroom aimlessly absorbing different ends of the earth coming together and creating such a beautiful space.

Let me give you a little insight about theStorer.

Lisa Storer, who is the creator, and mastermind behind this beautiful brand created this concept-driven from her passion to introduce something different and exciting that would inspire others and as well as herself. She was committed to doing something great; something that would allow and encourage others to slow down their pace, catch their breath a little and ”live in the now….”

The concept behind the storer aims to stock fair trade items that celebrate nature’s palette and myriad textures, crafted by small communities around the world. In the process, it seeks not to just sell the product, but also to educate its consumer about the legacies and heritage attached to all their wares.

Explaining the idea behind theStorer, Lisa says the “Storer” is an aesthete who travels the world, collecting beautiful things as a reflection of authentic product globally within the eco-community. For the past two years, Lisa has been traveling far and wide to connect and work with artisans from India, Africa, and South America. “We are a lifestyle brand that sources fair trade products from apparel and accessories to décor and furniture,” she explains.

“We wish to reconnect our tribe from all over the globe, and to bridge the gap between maker and the user again,” says Lisa.

“It is challenging to do this in a world of fast fashion, mass production and a society that favours instant gratification. For me, this business is soulful.  Connection and community is the foundation of what we do and I would like to see us working more in Africa and discovering numerous other projects around the globe, providing them with a platform, not only enabling them to earn a living but more importantly, to enable them to tell their stories,” concludes Lisa.

I absolutely love brands that are doing so much more than just selling merchandise. Finding people who are passionate about their brand with a bigger cause is why I believe it’s so important to share and educate others about what’s available at our fingertips.

This experience made me realize why I love sharing all these inspiring stories with you, there are so many good hearts in this world, it’s pretty exciting!

If you would like to find out more about theStorer be sure to follow the links below:

Website: https://thestorer.co/

Facebook: @thestorer.co

Instagram: @thestorer.co



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