The title of this blog post pretty much sums up what my absolute goal is for this 2018!

Last year, early July I decided to start The Kay Collective, in all honesty, it had been on my heart for a while to want to help and inspire others but also to keep myself sane with the time I had on my hands as I had been let go from my all-time dream job. Nonetheless, I began this journey and found myself writing and rewriting posts, merely getting nowhere slowly fearful to share anything.

Why may you ask?
Recently I realized that the one thing holding me back from posting was myself. I became too scared of what others would think of me, of sharing my opinion or the number of reads I’d get. I started doubting my ability to make a difference.
During this time I had also been placed in a new position, buying homeware product, traveling to trade shows and finding my passion to want to share content all over again. But again I couldn’t post anything because I always found an excuse to pass the time, not being able to fulfill my desire to want to build this blog into what it needs to become.

Well… Grow up, Jillian. You’re unique!

So here I am, writing this blog post confidently (believe me, the fear is still there but will have disappeared by the time I post this). I’ve decided to own my 2018. To not fear what anyone may think of me or the content I share (along with all the grammar errors). To own my values and beliefs. To be confident in the woman I have grown to be. To love me with all my flaws or rather, imperfect perfections, and to live with a desire to share, inspire and build others. I hope that this year will allow me to help other women grow and be genuinely happy in their skin, to be more confident in experiencing all there is to life and to live boldly in your space.

I hope that you are just as excited as I am to begin this journey with me!



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