Am I the only woman who struggles to find facial products that A, doesn’t leave my skin feeling irritated or B, have me looking like I’ve been to a war zone after a few days of using the product?

Having sensitive skin is probably the most annoying thing I could think of having in this day and age, only because I watch so many beauty tutorials of woman with radiant, glowing skin try everything under the sun and continue looking like flawless Barbie’s.

I’ve decided as part of #owningmy2018 strategy, I will not let my skin get the best of me, so I’ve decided to start testing skincare products that will help me get my glow back as well as share the journey of finding hidden gems, what works, and tips I may find along the way until I find ‘the one’.

On that note, my first test which I was a little hesitant to try, is the MINISO Hydration facial cleansing range. I didn’t want to try this range, firstly because of the price (I wish all good skincare products was this affordable), and secondly because MINISO is a brand new Japanese brand that has just about found its feet in South Africa.
I convinced myself to try this range because of its beautiful minimalistic packaging, I mean who wouldn’t want something like this featured in their bathroom and because Japanese woman has the most beautiful plump flawless skin.

The first product I’ve added to my daily routine is this hydrating facial cleanser, which is a creamy consistency and removes excess makeup with a cleansing facial sponge effortlessly.
I then use the hydrating toner which leaves my skin all glowy and soft (this toner has really helped with dry skin), and then lastly I apply the MINISO moisturizer which locks in the moisture and leaves my skin feeling plump and refreshed.
I have been using these products for over two weeks and have barely had any breakouts, my skin feels soft and plum and I haven’t had the urge to change back to baby lotion.

MINISO has become my go-to spot for gifting solutions, quirky lifestyle products, stationery and now skincare and makeup. Their pricing is ridiculously affordable for the quality they offer which is always exciting. I would personally highly recommend visiting one of their stores.

If you would like to find out more about the brand and product offering I’ve listed a few places where you can find out more below.

MINISO Website
MINISO Facebook
MINISO Instagram

Happy exploring!



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