So we’re coming closer to the season where we’ll be going all out into festivities. Whether it is for weddings, baby showers or even birthday parties, if you’re anything like me when it comes to arranging special occasions, you will need to know what the next best party trend is.

I did some of my own research to find out what the latest decor party theme trends were and there’s a few that stood out with so many opportunities to translate them into your own style.

The first big trend is the black and white with a touch of metallic theme. This theme is quite bold but there are so many variations that I found could suit anyone who loves this kind of simplicity with just a touch of excitement.

The monochrome trend with beautifully coloured detail or just a touch of greenery is usually my go-to trend if I can’t make up my mind on what theme I would like to use for an occasion. I find that this theme has been around for a while, however, every year it has engrossing updates as to how you can translate the theme a little differently.

Black, White and Metallic Pretty Birthday

Everyone can throw an amazing birthday party, but what really gets guests happy is the finer details. I find that themed decor tends to give a party a little more personality than what the drinks could possibly do. In this trend, the decor for a more sophisticated semi-formal party features black tablecloths with a botanical decor piece and hints of metallic to give the look some magic. Black and white striped runners are the easiest way to give the illusion that you tried really hard to bring this theme to life. Well, that’s just my opinion, but believe me, it really helps.

Black, White and Metallic Modern Birthday

For the more, modern fresh monochromatic look, this trend lends itself to black and white patterned print on print details, strong marble textures, and copper accessories. This look lets you mix and match your favourite prints with elegance. Add lemons, colourful cocktails, and bright food platters to balance the look, the pops of colors are sure to bring your party to life with added style.

Black, White, and Metallic Pretty Wedding

It’s all about the sparkle for this trend, this look will definitely suit your style if you’re into diamonds or anything sparkly that’s bound to catch your eye. It’s all about the glitter detail to enhance just about anything. Balance this look with black undertones and matte metallic accessories or crystal glass pieces mixed in between all the sparkle to create a more elegant look. Yip, I mentioned Crystal…remember your granny’s vase or those lacy doilies that probably made you cringe every time you visited her, well, they’re back in fashion and not going anywhere for a while!

Black, White, and Metallic Modern Wedding

Black, white, geometric patterns, marble and muted metallics are all it takes to recreate this trend. This modern twist on the more elegant monochrome translation is all about being bold simplistically. Is that even a word? But, I’m sure you know what I’m getting at. Use bold impressed muted metallic textures with geometric p.rints to create this look. There’s no need for colour to enhance this look as all pieces will live together like a work of art. Make sure you downplay the boldness with blacks, whites and greys.

Black, White, and Metallic Pretty Baby Shower

My favourite element of this trend is that it has a vast variety of looks you can play with to suit your taste. I find that when it comes to translating this trend to use for a baby shower, you’re able to create a softer look or an insanely cute sophisticated look. It always helps to select a character, nursery rhyme or song and create monochrome or metallic pieces of the objects portrayed in whatever you select for bunting, patterns, cake shapes or signs. To create a softer look use white as an undertone and softer metallics with minimal use of black.

Black, White, and Metallic Modern Baby Shower

For this look, go crazy! Baby animals mixed with bold geometric patterns are a must. I love the simplicity of this theme and find that the characters create a clean but oh so cute look for the mom that doesn’t like too many frills or anything florally. This theme is also a good go-to if you’re unsure of the gender, or even better to use for a gender reveal. Can you think of a better way to introduce a burst of color?


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