Have you ever been to a homeware store to browse for inspiration to update your space, and find yourself wandering around aimlessly trying to put something, anything together that would make any kind of sense that suits your unique style?

Usually, if you wanting to create your ideal space you would need to hire an interior decorator or spend your time in high-end interior design stores that would probably cost you an arm and maybe half a leg to recreate the same space.

In my opinion, South Africa homeware retailers have been struggling to create a shopping experience that inspires customers to walk into a store and visualise their space using the latest merchandise available for the season until now! Fortunately, I’ve found the perfect homeware retailer who is able to do just that.

A few weeks ago @home launched their new in-store experience that literally blew my mind. Visiting homeware stores and seeing all the new merchandise available usually gets me excited, but this time I felt like a kid in a candy store. Let me take you on a tour…

We were introduced by a red carpet leading into a beautifully displayed bedroom in shades of dusty pink and peachy tones, textured velvet scatters and faux fur throws, with a crystal chandelier hanging above the bed creating an opulent bedroom that anyone could easily recreate.

As we walked through the store there were differently styled bedrooms made up of various trendy colours, textures and patterns that could suit any desired style.

Throughout the store, we were presented with senses pertaining to each department. In my opinion, I do believe that @home has perfected the aromatic range, and the way that they have used it throughout the store shows how detailed this new customer experience has been thought through.

One of the scents that stood out while touring the store was one that you would usually find in your local café or anywhere other than in a homeware store, the scent was a rich coffee aroma from @home’s very own Vida e Caffè. So, for those of you ladies who enjoy browsing without any distractions of “where are we going to next”, “are you almost done”, “I’m so hungry”, this would literally be the ideal place to do so in peace!

I was drawn to so many areas that made me venture and visualise how I could use each item in my own space. Each department had designated staff members that were more than willing to help. One of my biggest irritations when shopping for homeware is not being able to find someone to give me details of the product specifications or even advice on how to use the item. It was such a pleasure to have a pleasant staff member offering their assistance and knowledge about the merchandise at every turn.

The products themselves pertain to so many different types of styles that cater to such a wide customer base, I was fixated on the idea that @home was completely out of my budget. I considered them way too expensive because of the standard of their displayed merchandise and the instore experience compared to what you would get in any other homeware retailer, but to my surprise, their prices are more than affordable and comparative to other retailers.

Here are a few pieces that I fell in love with whilst touring this beautiful store:

This experience was a breath of fresh air, no more agitated grumbles of not knowing where merchandise is displayed or how to use it. Instead, customers will have a clear vision on how and where to use the merchandise, and an overall thrill of inspiration to want to update their space affordably. This new journey for customers has made @home home away from home.

“Customers are not customers, they are guests to us in our home, and we welcome them as such.” – Chris Swart (General Manager for @home living space)

Follow @home’s Facebook page to experience their new journey or simply visit their website www.home.co.za for the latest inspiration

Happy Shopping. x


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