This year has given me tons of reasons to be thankful and to continue pursuing #owningmy2018. I’m sure I am not the only one who is terrified of going to the dentist or any doctor for regular checkups. I have had the most unpleasant experiences with the dentist who has made me dread following through with appointments, even though I’m aware of the importance of routine checkups. Waterfall Dental & Prosthodontic Studio gave me the opportunity to experience a treatment to experience their practice, and I think they may have cured my fear.

A brief overview of the power couple that started the practice  

The practice is a husband and wife owned practice made up of Dr. Ashana Harryparsad who owns Waterfall Dental & Prosthodontic Studio, and her Husband Dr. Naidu who owns the Endocrine and Diabetes Institute based at Netcare Waterfall City Hospital.

Dr. Naidu has a particular interest in thyroid disease and thyroid cancer, diabetes, infertility and weight loss. He is one of the only endocrinologists in private practice who is trained by a leading American Thyroidologist in thyroid sonar and biopsy. Dr. Harryparsad qualified as the first female Prosthodontist from the University of Pretoria. What a power couple, right?!

The dental side of the practice also consists of Ms. Kaokie Sepuru who is an oral hygienist, great with kids might I add. Koakie qualified from the University of Pretoria and is the present president of the Oral Hygiene of Association of South Africa.

My Experience

The Dr. assisted by Koakie made my experience comfortable. I gave them a brief overview of my fear of dentists (it was a freak-out but let’s not be petty) and must say they handled it so well. The Dr. gave me the low-down of why oral hygiene is essential as well as other imperative routines I can put in place to ensure that I keep my teeth healthy. Not having been to the dentist for a while I do have a few speed bumps that I will need to overcome but will be continuing to share this as it unfolds. She then went on to cleaning my teeth with such ease making me giggle now and then to ease the tension before I knew it it was all over.

After my appointment, I got to chat with Dr. Harryparsad about the practice and how it all came together as well as the importance of dentist and oral hygiene for everyone. It is quite enlightening how hand in hand both Dr. Naidu and Dr. Harryparsad fields cross over to ensure the proper maintenance of both a patient’s general health as well as dental health.

The importance of Biannual Checkups

Thyroid disease can be manifested in the oral cavity with: accelerated dental eruption in children, increase susceptibly of caries, periodontal disease, and Burning Mouth syndrome.

Biannual checkups also allow the dentist to monitor your overall dental health and early deduction of any disease process can be picked up and stopped – such as gum disease, bruxism, early caries, etc.

Pregnant women also tend to ignore their oral health during pregnancy. The hormonal changes during this period can result in increased risk of developing gum disease which in turn can affect the health of the developing baby. Pregnancy Diabetes is another aspect which can need to assessment and monitoring by an Endocrinologist as failure to do so can also result in negative effects on the developing fetus as well as the mom.

Dr’s Naidu and Harryparsad aim is to provide holistic treatment to all patients that visit the practice and to ensure that the communities that they treat are well informed about how to improve their overall medical and dental health.

Contact details for Waterfall Dental & Prosthodontic Studio  
Website: Waterfall Dental & Prosthodontic Studio
Facebook: Waterfall Dental & Prosthodontic Studio
Contact: 011 304 06864 / 011 304 6865

Room 218, South Block
Netcare Waterfall City Hospital
Midrand, Johannesburg

Contact details for The Endocrine and Diabetes Institute

Website: The Endocrine and Diabetes Institute
Contact: 011 304 6865

Room 218, South Block
Netcare Waterfall City Hospital
Midrand, Johannesburg


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