I hope that everyone is having a good week so far, not too chilly right? Can you believe that we’re almost halfway through the year already?! Winter is definitely here, although I am loving this daytime Jo’burg weather. I’m also dreading the chilly evenings, I literally have a basket full of blankets next to my heater just so that I’m 110% prepared before the cold hits us at night.

On that note, I visited Woolworths last week and got a little bit too excited seeing all the beautiful homeware that is in store this season. So the next day I decided to pay a visit to a few more homeware retailers to see what winter decor I could get to create a more cozy space in our new cottage.

I fumbled across this beautiful trend at Mr Price Home that I absolutely adore, I kind of mixed different trends presented in their themes into my own story, which is probably my all-time favorite thing to do to create a unique look. I find that Mr Price Home tends to create safe stories to make it easier to shop as it may be a bit too intimidating when all the colors are mixed and you not too sure how to work them together.

There were a few other trends that caught my eye, such as thick fluffy faux fur decor pieces in jewel and pastel tones, lots of metallics, beautiful intricately designed scatter cushions and textured pieces which I think are perfect for creating a homey space for these chilly days. The trend I went with was a navy blue and metallic story. The space that I envisioned when selecting these pieces was a dark Moroccan cozy nest with dark hues combined with metallic pieces and lots of textures. I find that when a space has contrasting elements it creates a busyness that translates into a lived-in space which I absolutely love.

Below are a few quality pieces I bought which were really inexpensive. I fell in love with all the textures and with how the metallics contrasted against the navy blue. My absolute favorite is the mosaic-filled candle! Gone are the days where you need to spend thousands to make your space uniquely you and on trend 🙂

I was so excited to create my first homeware haul and share all of the beautiful decor I got from Mr Price Home. I decided to do this review as I find that there’s not alot of education helping people create their spaces. I hope that this is the start to inspire you to want to buy bold colours and mix them with arbitrary pieces confidently. This homeware haul reviews my inspired pieces and gives you a little insight to my thinking on how to display the items, different techniques in which you can use them and details on the quality and price points.




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