If you have not heard about Beauty and The Beard, let me be the first to introduce you to this new beautifully put together eco-friendly brand. Beauty and the Beard has been created by two ladies who are passionate about making a difference.

This new innovative company makes luxurious, high quality, natural skin care products as well as handmade homeware crafted out of natural ingredients an eco-friendly material.

Here’s a little insight into the concept and innovation behind Beauty and The Beard,

Tarryn Martin is a Botanist and Photographer. Tarryn’s interest in plants and their healing properties was engendered by watching her maternal grandparents working tirelessly in their magnificent garden.  After obtaining her M.Sc in Botany from Rhodes University, Tarryn now works in the environmental sector. Her concern about the impact on the environment led her to look for skin care products that are both natural and preservative free, as well as being packaged in recyclable glass or tin. The limited available options led to “Beauty and the Beard” – a skincare range made with love and care in small batches, to preserve the integrity of the product.

Katie Martin is a Designer and Stylist. Katie graduated with a BTech from CPUT, majoring in Interior Design, the sector in which she now works. Her passion for functionality drives the concepts for her innovative designs.  The lack of well-made furniture in today’s “throwaway” culture inspired the Beauty and the Beard homeware range. These products are handcrafted in timber and finished to allowing the natural beauty of the wood to show. The homeware range provides functional, quality, statement pieces that will be an asset to their environment.

One of the many reasons I decided to try Beauty and The Beard’s natural skincare range is that I personally struggle to find natural skin care products that do not leave my skin feeling irritated. I tried the face mask and face food which left my skin feeling soft and rejuvenated, I even gave my husband a mini facial which, to say the least, left him speechless as any other male specimen would react after being used as a girls night over bestie 🙂

Click on the video created by Beauty and The Beard below to see just how easy it is to use the face mask,

Why not wind down from the week with our Face Mask. Made from Bentonite clay that absorbs impurities and tightens the skin and Baobab powder that is a natural antioxidant and functions to mop up free radicals, your skin will feel delightfully smooth and younger looking.

Posted by Beauty and the Beard on Friday, 21 July 2017

The rest of the skincare range is just as impressive as the face mask and face food. The lip balm and hand salve have now been added to my handbag and is used daily as my go-to moisturizer, just in time for summer.

As you may already know, homeware has a soft spot close to my heart. Have a look at these beautifully designed homeware pieces created by Katie Martin.

Knowing that there are women who are driven to make an impact in today’s society, motivates me to encourage and empower other women who are as driven to make a difference, but not sure how to or do not have the necessary expertise to do so. Woman empowering and supporting women-owned businesses is something that definitely needs to be encouraged more often. There’s nothing more empowering than seeing someone flourish and become a success to inspire others to follow.

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