In this post, I’ll show you a few little techniques to change a small space into a home!

Recently, we decided to lease our home on Airbnb and move into a smaller place to accommodate our BIG dreams!

My biggest fear of moving into a new place was how much effort and time it would take to make our little new place feel like home and given the space I needed to work with I felt myself becoming overwhelmed, what I didn’t realize was that there was a few really basic changes I could make that would make this little cottage our temporary home.

I’ve listed a few steps that will give you a little insight into how my thought process evolved and how it made life that much easier to “get it together gurrl!”.

1.I started by referencing small homes on Pinterest and found spaces that were appealing to our desired home. My inspiration came from an Elle magazine that had a room with large black framed window panes, dark walls and was finished off with small antique pieces. I created a Pinterest mood board and saved images that I could reference to create our little home.

2.I then planned our bedroom as to how much space would be needed to allocate the essentials and started listing what we required in this space to make it a comfortable. I used masking tape to designate space to each furniture piece.

3.My husband, Andrew and I made our way to one of the most inspiring roads in Johannesburg called Long Road, where we spent an entire day walking to each store finding beautiful antique pieces along the way that would fit perfectly into each allocated space, because we had estimated measurements of how much space we needed for each component it made it easier to find items that would fit.

Needless to say, we found a beautiful pair of wardrobes from the 18th century that had just been imported from Europe from a shop called Cowboys and Angel Antiques, my heart melted!


5. Before the furniture arrived, I visited builders warehouse and selected Dulux Domino to paint our entire room, I repainted the window panes enamel white as these would add to the character of the room. One of the windows has a banana leaf tree right outside, even though it covers most of the light that’s meant to come into the room it creates so much depth and adds a subtle color…lets pause for a second…as you read through my blog you’ll notice that I gravitate towards black, white and green. I love colour don’t get me wrong, I just believe that when you use colour it needs to be used with an appreciation for its different hues and potential to change something from mediocre to extraordinary. I enjoy beautiful intense colours at different depths and applied using different techniques, in various details whether it’s beautifully embroidered scatter cushions, ceramic watercoloured dishes, or grains of spices, colour needs to be used correctly or else don’t even bother…okay I’m done!

6.I had no idea where I was going to keep my kitchenware and groceries so decided to use the open wall space and create naked shelves above the counter to house my everyday essentials. This worked out perfectly and only cost R800! This was also the first time I used a drill #Girlpower, believe me, once you know what drill bits to use, how to insert it, it’s all breeze from there!

7.Our bathroom is the size of a matchbox, however, big enough to get the necessities done. This space really dampened my mood, no pun intended, I needed to make it a bit more comfortable, I decided to whip out my paint brush and use a navy paint to give it a much-needed makeover. Yes, it probably made it slightly smaller, but it made it a lot more tolerable.

This experience has made me realize that you can make any place a home as long as your heart is in it, small spaces aren’t limited to anything and that nothing is too difficult to do once you’ve set your mind on it.

There are a few more pieces that I will be adding to our new home that I will write about soon.

Happy decorating!